Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The mission of Rod Downey Ministries (RDM) is to prophetically proclaim God and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means available, and equipping all with God’s truth and way.


Let there be Salt and Light! Matthew 5:13-16

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to discern the heart of God and communicate His direction – declaring that the earth is and can be filled with His Glory – to awaken, to root out, and pull down, to destroy, and throw down, to build, and to plant.

To spiritually transform a nation resulting in turning God’s vision back to us, for Him to smile on us and say “in you I am well pleased”, for His eyes to twinkle when looking and thinking about us.  Ultimately, for His protection and blessing to flow to us and to have a relationship where He shares His wisdom, knowledge and love.


As watchmen, our goal is to create passionate seekers of God, to turn people back to trusting, obeying, and worshiping God.  To create a restored connection and relationship to God that can transform, renew hope and peace.  To boldly warn of consequences of turning away from the Living God.  To blow the trumpet of warning to the people.

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